Japa School of Music

Japa School Of Music have three branches situated in vadakara,madappally and mahi city, Kerala.

About Us

Japa School Of Music have three braches situated in vadakara,madappally and mahi city, Kerala. Japa School Of Music has been able to cultivate the seeds of music in the seeking hearts and make young and old fingers produce music with its own style of teaching. The school at present concentrating on Guitar,Violin,Veena,Thamburu,Mridangam,Tabla enough number of qualified teachers are here to teach the students in their choice of music. All the teachers are specialized in their respective categories.



Hindustani Vocal music

Hindustani Vocal music is the classical music of Northern India. Japa school of Music provides the unique opportunity for students…

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Music Classes for Adults

Adults increasingly (re)turn to music-making as a recreational activity.  And there are numerous reasons why they should! Music rejuvenates and…

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Music Classes For Children

Learning Music can make a marked difference to the development of a child’s social, cognitive and communicative skills. Exposing children…

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News and Events

Navarathri Maholsavam 2017

5 ബ്രാഞ്ചിലെയും സംഗീത വിദ്യാർഥികൾ സംഗീതാ ചാര്യൻ യു.ജയൻ മാസ്റ്ററുടെ നേതൃത്വത്തിൽ 9 ക്ഷേത്രങ്ങളിലായി നവരാത്രി മഹോത്സവം സാഘോഷം
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Chembai Sangeetholsavam 2016

ഗുരുവായൂർ ദേവസ്വം ബോർഡിൻറെ കീഴിൽ ചെമ്പൈ സംഗീതോത്സവം 2016ൽ ജപ സ്കൂൾ ഓഫ് മ്യൂസിക്കിലെ
വിദ്യാർഥികൾ പങ്കെടുത്തു

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